Sex trafficking is when a person is lured or manipulated to sell their body for sex to make money for someone else.

Based on real stories of sex trafficking survivors

Eva’s story:

Red Flags

Recruiters can be victims themselves, being forced or threatened by traffickers. They often lure victims with promises of acceptance and an exciting life.

  • Hotel room with alcohol, drugs and older guys
  • Ali encouraging drinking and drug use
  • Josh asking Eva if she’s ever modelled before
  • Ali becoming pushy and making Eva feel like she owes Josh
  • Ali saying that’s just how it works if you want to hang out with us
  • Ali insisting she’ll handle the money and keep Eva safe

Kaye’s story:

Red Flags

Traffickers will make you feel special. They may say I love you really fast and talk about your future together. This is to earn your trust so you will do whatever they ask.

  • Random DM from an older guy
  • Relationship moving quickly – from texting, sexting to dating
  • Buying Kaye gifts and showering her with attention
  • Becoming jealous and controlling, wanting to know who she is texting and taking her phone
  • Isolating Kaye from her friends
  • Asking Kaye to have sex with a stranger ‘just this one time’
  • Making Kaye feel like she owed him
  • Threatening to tell Kaye’s family and friends